What is a fatigue testing machine?

    时间: 2020-04-10

    What is a fatigue testing machine? Fatigue testing machine is a kind of equipment used to test the fatigue performance test of metals and alloy materials under specific environment for tensile-compression, tensile-compression alternating load, bending-torsion, etc. The characteristics of the fatigue testing machine are that it can achieve high load, high frequency and low consumption, thereby shortening the test time and reducing the test cost. So what is the working principle of a fatigue testing machine, and what are the classifications of this machine? Will fatigue tests be classified? Let's take a look below!

    The first thing we want to introduce is the working principle of the fatigue testing machine. The fatigue testing machine works according to the principle of electromagnetic resonance, and relies on the vibration of the electromagnet to apply a load. The load is relatively large, 20KN-300KN, and the frequency is 80-250HZ. The low-frequency fatigue testing machine works according to the principle of electro-hydraulic servo, and relies on the reciprocating movement of the hydraulic cylinder to apply the load. The large load 5KN-1000KN is the first choice for low frequency 0-10HZ, and it is generally recommended to use it around 10HZ.

    The higher frequency has too much friction damage to hydraulic servo valves, sealing rings and other components, and the subsequent maintenance cost is too high. It is not recommended to use higher frequencies. If you do not consider the maintenance cost, using 20HZ, 30HZ is also possible, but the life of the hydraulic fatigue testing machine will be significantly affected.

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